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What makes a cylinder high security?

The class is a 2-hour presentation where we will look at about 25 different lock cylinders from around the world and compare the elements that go together to make them “high security”. These are the elements that a lock inventor or engineer choose, modify and arrange when they design new cylinders. It is not a hands-on class, but is a lecture type of class with photos of the cylinders and their components. Most of the pictures are close-up photos of the cylinder parts, and there are macro-photography of cut-away cylinders to clearly show their operation. After the class, a locksmith should be able to identify the various components in a lock cylinder, understand which elements of those components make one lock more secure than another, and be able analyse a new lock cylinder they have never seen before to determine its relative security value.

Usually this is presented as a longer class, but to fit into the schedule, it has been shortened to 2 hours and included many new models of cylinders. Peter holds the copyright on all the photos used in the class, and plans someday to publish them in a book. He asks therefore that attendees do not take photographs of his work during the class.

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