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Prague is said to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The hundred-spired pearl, the magic mother of towns. It’s rare, well-maintained and mutually interlocked architecture of all styles depicts eleven centuries of medieval history. Just like the splendid stone bridge connects both banks of the river Vltava, Prague is the place where the Czechs, Germans and Jews had lived ever before; it is an intersection of Europe where tradesmen, politicians, scholars and artists from all over the world have met.

The special inspiring atmosphere of Prague has fascinated foreigners from the Romanic times to date. The historical quarters have still maintained their magic: the unique Old Town with a large square where a medieval astronomical clock chimes every hour, with a university, multiple spires and remnants of a large Jewish Town; the Lesser Town on the hills below Prague Castle – a braid of zigzag lanes and staircases, a quarter full of religious monuments and gigantic aristocratic palaces and refined gardens; Hradčany – a picturesque quarter next to the impressive seat of the Czech rulers.

Prague is abundant not only in historical monuments, museums, collections of art, bookstores, theatres, opera, musicals, cinemas or music clubs, but also offers boulevards with luxury shops selling fashion, glass, jewellery and antiques with excellent restaurants, stylish cafes, traditional beerhouses and folk pubs. Prague is a modern European metropolis with all services and opportunities for entertainment, business and education. When you become tired of all that, take a rest in one of the numerous parks, participate in sports or go for a trip into the countryside.

Features of Prague

Prague’s Attractiveness

The city has become one of the world’s most popular congress destinations. It features UNESCO World heritage sites, 88 theatres, and 184 galleries.

Hundreds of years of academic tradition

The year 2015 marks more than 660 years of academic tradition since the foundation of Charles University in Prague in 1348.

Famous personalities

More than 100 personalities famous world-wide have lived in Prague (e.g. King Charles IV, Rudolph II, J. A. Comenius, W. A. Mozart, Franz Kafka, A. Einstein, A. Pick, M. Curie-Sklodowski, etc.)

5th Best city in the World

Prague is the 5th best city in the world according to the renowned traveller portal

Excellent location and city accessibility

43 countries within a 3-hour flight.

Friendly accommodation prices

According to the annual analysis of the HRS GROUP (Hotel Reservation Service Group) Prague has the lowest prices of accommodation in Europe.

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